February 6, 2009

Soon will get "Deeper" in the "Tunnels" series.

I just finished "Tunnels" by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams last night and I want to read more!

Will Burrows lives a rather normal teenage life filled with dysfunction that most people can relate to: he gets teased in school, his mother is obsessed with TV, his sister bosses him around, and his father is out of the ordinary. Will's favorite thing in life is digging tunnels with his father in order to find ancient artifacts. After finding an old tunnel under the heart of London, Will and his father feel as though they may have a career-making breakthrough. They keep their find a secret so they can explore more of the tunnel, but before they get a second look Will's father goes missing.

Will doesn't believe when police tell him that his father probably ran off on the family and decides that he must investigate more if he wants to find out the truth. To make matters worse, Will realizes that irksome men are following him around. With assistance from his friend Chester, Will finds a dig site in their basement that his father was working on in secret. Will can't help but think the tunnel has something to do with his father's disappearance, so the two boys explore it. Instead of finding Will's father in the tunnel system, Will and Chester find themselves hostages of an underground colony that has no intention of letting them escape.

“Tunnels” is a really great book. The thing that surprises me most was that it had so many blindsiding twists it was fantastic! Usually I can kind of guess where a book is going, but not this time. I actually felt like I was on the journey with Will just trying to survive each moment as it came at me!

This book also had intriguing characters. The villains in it were truly scary, especially the one I never saw coming (I wont give it away!!!). There were characters that I couldn't quite figure out, and characters that I flipped-flopped between loving and hating depending on the scene.

I will definitely read the second book of the series “Deeper”! I hear there is a third book that may be coming out this year (have to double check on that fact) and I'll probably be reading that third book as well. ; )

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