March 19, 2009

Thursday Update

Sometimes I want to share random information about stuff I'm watching or anything else that may be fun information other people want to know... but then I never end up posting it because it has nothing to do with books. These posts will allow me to share this information without letting it overtake the main purpose of this blog. I'll try to post these every week, but life sometimes gets in the way of these things.

I was so excited today to find out that Lionsgate obtained the rights to "The Hunger Games". That book is definitely one of my favorites. If you haven't read it yet, you should put it to the front of your reading list! Click here if you want to look at the article about the movie.

Part of the reason I've been slacking a bit on my posts is that I've been watching tons of Sailor Moon. They used to have it on TV really early in the morning when I was a kid so I was only able to watch a few episodes. It is kind of ridiculous... but I love it anyway! Romance, action, adorable, and random... these are a few of my favorite things. ; )

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