March 8, 2009

"Wake" is a Wicked Good Read

by Lisa McMann


Ever wonder what it would be like if you could watch other people's dreams? Lisa McMann explores this idea in her novel "Wake". Seventeen-year-old Janie has been getting sucked into other people's dreams since she was a child. She did a pretty good job about avoiding these spells, but it is not so easy now that she is in high school and has a job working in a retirement home. Janie is having a harder time hiding her secret from the people around her and is learning that these occurrences can be dangerous if she isn't in the right environment.

I thought this book was really great. I loved the whole idea of a girl being dragged unwillingly into other people’s dreams. I have always thought it would be awful to be able to read people’s minds, but this seems like it could be just as bad. I really empathize with Janie because she can’t enjoy simple things like having a sleepover with friends or driving late at night. Sometimes a nighttime drive can be the most relaxing thing, but Janie has to worry about being sucked into people’s dreams… I think McMann did a great job about developing a realistic character in Janie. She has real emotions and character faults. She is very guarded, even around her closest friend. Not only does this make sense because of her dream disability, but also because of the relationship she has with her alcoholic mother.

My only complaint about the book was that it was too short! I spend through the book in a few hours and wanted to read more! Thank goodness there is a sequel out and a third book in the works. ; )


  1. Fade is really good, too. Definitely worth checking out. I read the two of them back to back in one sitting, staying up late to finish.

    Also, as someone who grew up in the Boston area, I liked your post title.

  2. Agreed! I read Wake when it was first released and loved it! I've been holding out buying Fade. I read on the Kindle so I wasn't thrilled to see the $9.99 price tag. I'll probably cave in soon though!

  3. Jen- I'm glad someone out there appreciated the title. ;)

    I've been thinking about buying Fade, but I'm trying to save money. Although I do have spring break coming up, so maybe I'll go to a bookstore and take a day to just read it in one sitting. I'm glad to here that it was good enough to stay up late reading. That's when you know a book is truly worth it!