April 26, 2009

On My Chair

I got a whole lot of great books this week! Some I got from the library and others I've been waiting to buy for months. I'm only going to post covers for a few of these titles. Most are pretty well known and have been all over blogs lately.
Here are the borrowed ones:

"The Dust of 100 Dogs"
A.S. King

P.C. Cast
Here are the ones I've been saving to get. I bought them all in Hardcover on a splurge.

"Twilight Collector's Edition"
Stephenie Meyer

"City of Bones"
"City of Ashes"
"City of Glass"
Cassandra Clare

"The Lightning Thief"
Rick Riordan
I already own this book but Rick Riordan is doing a book signing so I of course want the book in hardcover.


  1. Nice books. I have the Twilight Collector's Edition too. But I can't bare to open it. I want it to be in perfect condition 30 years later. It'll be very valuable then, hahaha!

  2. I absolutely love the 'House of Night' and 'The Immortal Instruments' series and of course Twilight! Awesome choice! :D

    Happy reading!

  3. Twilight Collector's Edition and The Mortal Instruments Trilogy? I'm jealous!

  4. Great book week! and the mortal instruments series is definitely worth a splurge!! happy reading!!

  5. What an awesome book week. All of those books are amazing. Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments are my favorite. Marked is a good book to a great series. The D100D original and fresh.

  6. Amazing Books! I love all the series!! Happy Reading!!

  7. I too just bought D100D and Marked. I finished Marked yesterday and plan to start D100D relatively soon. I have a few other books I want to read first though!

  8. Great books! Marked is pretty good and I am reading and enjoying City of Bones. Twilight Collector's Edition is so beautiful. D100D looks soo good! Happy reading!

  9. Twilight C.E. & The Mortal Instruments... what a week!

  10. I got "City of Bones" this week from my library! wooo!