April 23, 2009

Thursday Update

I want to apologize for disappearing for the last week! I have been running around like crazy wrapping up my finals, searching for an apartment, and of course working. I have my last presentation tonight, so I'm really close to being done for the semester! I also will be dropping off the remaining paperwork for the apartment application that I filled out. So I'll get back to my postings within the next few days.
I watched the movie "27 Dresses" the other night. I thought it was cute overall, but I just wasn't a huge fan. I thought there were only a handful of funny parts. Part of the reason I may not have enjoyed it that much is because James Marsden really annoys me. He just strikes the wrong cord in me. Like I really disliked him in the "X-men" movies. I wasn't even sad about what happened to his character in the 3rd movie. I love Katherine Heigl though, so I was kind of disappointed.
I need to get ready for my final, so sadly this is all I have time to report on. I did finishing reading The Roar and I'm hoping to have that review done in the next couple of days.