May 21, 2009

Thursday Update

I want to apologize again for disappearing for a few weeks. I serious was running around like crazy! One of the major reasons that I was so crazed was that I just moved to a new apartment. I am still moving some stuff in, but for the most part I am finally done. I just have 3 more boxes of stuff to put away. I really want to post pictures of my beautiful apartment, but I haven’t figured out where to get rid of all the boxes I used to move.
Another reason I was so busy was because I had my 24th birthday last weekend. I can't believe I'm 24... I know it isn't old or anything, but it just goes by so fast! The crazy thing is that I've been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to celebrate with anyone besides my parents and brother. I spent my birthday buying new furniture for my apartment and unpacking boxes. It was totally worth it though : )
I also had an event I was planning for work and I went to Rick Riordan's author signing. He spoke before the signing and told everyone about some of his new projects. He is going to be releasing a new series about Camp Half-Blood focusing on different characters. He is also working on a series of modern day Egyptian mythology. The Camp Half-Blood book and the first book of his new series will both be released next year! I am SOO excited. I just love his writing style!
Another project that I've been working on is finding a way to hook up my computer to my TV so that I can watch Netflix instant play movies offline on my TV. I FINALLY got it working last night and it is the coolest thing! The picture quality is amazing and I don't have to watch movies on my tiny computer screen. The sound quality isn't too great, but it would be the same as if I was watching it off my laptop speakers. Overall it was a great investment and was well worth the $30 dollars I spent on cables.
ALSO, I started an Internship at a library this week, so I'm basically working a 55-hour workweek from now until the end of July. That means no days off from work, unless I use vacation time. It is going to be a crazy few months, but I'll do my best to post regularly.

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