August 25, 2009

"Teaser Tuesdays"

"City of Ashes"
Cassandra Clare
Excerpt from page 37:

Bat and Amabel swarmed onto the bar; the boy spun, so quickly that his reflection in the mirror behind the bar seemed to blur. Maia saw him kick out, and then the two were groaning on the floor in a flurry of smashed glass.

I really enjoyed "City of Bones" and just couldn't wait to read the next book! I will have a review of "City of Bones" by the end of the week. Hopefully I will be able to follow up with a review of "City of Ashes" soon after!

Teaser Tuesdays was started by MizB on her blog. On Teaser Tuesdays participants are asked to grab the book they are currently reading and open it to a random page. Then fist two "teaser" sentences on that page between lines 7 and 12. The key is to entice readers to pick up the book without giving away any


  1. I really enjoyed this series... City of Bones was probably my favorite, but good stuff awaits you with City of Glass. (I also read on a blog yesterday that a fourth book, told from Simon's point of view, has been optioned by the publisher. That's exciting news.)

  2. Good teaser! I'm looking forward to your review!

  3. I loved City of Ashes! Great Teaser!

    mines here;

  4. Intriguing tease this week! Looks like yet another book to add to my tbr list :) You can find my teaser here.

  5. The whole series is awesome! I am looking forward to a 4th book from Simon's point of view that an someone commented on. That sounds interesting.