September 6, 2009

Short Story Sundays: W.S.

For my first Short Story Sunday post that is a part of the the R.I.P IV Challenge, I have chosen W.S. by L.P. Hartley. I've had "Roald Dahl's Ghost Stories" sitting on my bookshelf for over 4 years, and I am finally taking this opportunity to read some of the selections from this book of Roald Dahl's favorite ghost stories.

I chose to read the first story in the book "W.S.", which is about a writer named Walter Streeter who starts getting disconcerting post cards in the mail by an anonymous sender who simply signs them W.S. "W.S." is only 10 pages that tells how these postcards effect Walter Streeter and concludes with discovering the identity of W.S. I can't say more than that because it would give the story away.

I have to admit that "W.S.", was a little disappointing. It was a fine story, but just didn't have the creep factor that I was hoping for. On my rating scale it gets a 3 out of 5. It is definitely a story where the more you think about it the creepier it gets, but I was expecting it to be more sinister. I am going to continue to read more from this book and I'm sure I'll find something more to my liking. I will keep you updated on my findings!

*Incase you didn't see the post written after this one or the comments on this post, I originally said that this story was written by Roald Dahl instead of L.P. Hartley. I was totally confused and thought this collection was of Dahl's works and found myself being corrected by a fellow blogger (thanks again Carl!). Sorry for the incorrect information, I really wasn't paying attention and I totally messed up.


  1. Just to clarify, Roald Dahl's Ghost Stories are not stories written by Dahl. They are just a collection of stories that he particularly likes, chosen initially for adaptation to television, but then when the project fell through he eventually collected them in book form. While the collection is a good one, I don't want you to be disuaded from actually reading stories written by Roald Dahl, because his adult stories are very good.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the Ghost Stories collection. It really is nice collection.

  2. Oh wow... I feel silly that I totally missed that. Thanks for the clarification. I do have a book of his short stories as well. Thanks Carl!

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