December 4, 2009

Release date for the Final Book in The Hunger Games Trilogy!

In case you haven't heard, the third book in "The Hunger Games" trilogy is coming out August 24th of next year! I am so excited, the last book just left me at the edge of my seat! The paperback version of the first book will be available July 6th, so I am glad to see a release date for that finally as well.
I would love to post more, but I am trying to figure out this 10-20 page final that was assigned yesterday that is due in a week... so I am sorry to say that I am out of time. At least this is my last assignment and I will be back posting more frequently before you know it!


  1. Yup yup, 'tis exciting news! :)

    Good luck on your assignment!

  2. that's exciting, thanks for the info.
    hope your assignment goes well

  3. Everybody's prety excited for this one! I'm so late, i havent read the first one. :( OOPS.

  4. I am SOOOO EXCITED for this book to come out! I don't know if I can wait that long!! :)

  5. Nina- You should really get on reading them! The series is fantastic!

    Sherry- I feel the same way!

  6. Sweet I can start counting the seconds