January 12, 2010

"Aqua" Got Me Hooked On Manga

"Aqua Vol. 1"
Kozue Amano


Pub. Date: October 2007
Pages: 184

Synopsis: After 150 years of terraforming, Aqua, the planet formerly known as Mars, Now has more than 90 percent of its surface covered in water. A young girl named Akari Mizunashi arrives at the city of Neo-Venezia, an exact replica of the old Italian city of Venice, hoping to become an Undine, the most coveted job on Aqua. Hold on tight and follow Akari's adventures as she discovers the wonders of Aria in this Prequel to the Aria Anime and Manga Series.

"Aqua Vol. 2"
Kozue Amano


Pub. Date: Feb 2008
Pages: 192

Synopsis: On the Beautiful planet of Aqua, Akari Mizunashi has the perfect job: showing tourists the wonders of the city of Neo Venezia by gondola!

Akari has finished the first part of her training, and she is ready to start taking on passengers of her own, but her first customer is going to be a real challenge. Can Akari prove that she's up to the task? And what will happen when the president of Aria sets out on his own to prove the company that he's useful? It's summer in Neo Venezia, and it's going to be a season full of lovely surprises!

I am starting this review with the warning that I have never reviewed manga before and honestly haven't read very much of it. That is my little disclaimer! My brother was amazing enough to buy me some manga for Christmas because I haven't read any for over a year and I missed it! I am really glad he bought me these two prequel books to the series "Aria" because I thought they were fantastic. I found the illustrations to be beautiful, but also a lot of fun. Even though the storyline didn't have a lot of action, I still found it to be fast paced. I love the character Akari and the President of Aria, who is a cat! I wasn't sure how a cat company president would work in the story line, but it was very amusing and adorable.

I immediately ordered the 5 books in the "Aria" series because I enjoyed these books so much. I was able to read both books in less than two hours while watching TV, so they are the perfect quick read. I haven't watched the anime of the series because my brother said that it would give away the rest of the books, but it is something I will look into once I finish "Aria". This series is great for anyone ages 12 and up. There is no sexual content, so you don't have to worry about it if it isn't your thing.

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