January 10, 2010

"The Mysterious Benedict Society" is a Must Read

"The Mysterious Benedict Society"
Trenton Lee Stewart


Pub. Date: March 2007
Pages: 512


ARE YOU A GIFTED CHILD Looking for special opportunities?

When this peculiar ad appears in the newspaper, dozens of children enroll to take a series of mysterious, mind-bending tests. (And you, dear listener, can test your wits right alongside them.) But in the end just four very special children will succeed. Their challenge: to go on a secret mission that only the most intelligent and resourceful children could complete. To accomplish it they will have to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, where the only rule is that there are no rules.

As our heroes face physical and mental trials beyond their wildest imaginations, they have no choice but to turn to each other for support. But with their newfound friendship at stake, will they be able to pass the most important test of all?

Welcome to the mysterious benedict society.

I have been waiting so long to read this book because of all the fantastic reviews and it was worth the wait. Usually I need at least some kind of romantic interest to keep me interested in a book, but I found that I did not care that this book was written for a younger audience. It had me at the edge of my seat and I had trouble putting it down. I was listening to it on audio and reading it so that I could get through it faster. I was just dying to know how it would all end! The characters in the book are really unique. They have these kind of semi-super abilities that allows them to solve problems in different ways. It was really neat to see how their gifts got them through sticky situations. I also thought that the characters had a lot of depth. They were not perfect and Constance wasn't a very likable character, but they all played their part.

Stewart was able to write a book that was clever, funny, and suspenseful. He has a unique voice that captivated me from start to finish. There were a lot of layers to the book and I think Stewart did a wonderful job at balancing them all. Even though the book was primarily an adventure, it still managed to touch on deeper topics like friendship and family. I am definitely going to be finishing up this series soon because I can't wait to see what the characters do next. I think this book is perfect for people who like mysteries and series like "Harry Potter".


  1. Wow! I've been wanting to read some YA, but not what seems to be the typical stuff. I'll definitely look for this one.
    Thanks for the review.

  2. Enjoy Teri! The second book in the series is even better!