February 25, 2010

Review of "Bloody Kiss" Volumes 1-2

"Bloody Kiss" Volume 1
Kazuko Furumiya


Pub. Date:
August 4, 2009
Pages: 208

Synopsis: When Kiyo inherits her grandmother's house, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. You see, also living in the home are two hot vampires -- Kuroboshi and his servant, Alshu! Then things go from weird to bloody crazy when Kuroboshi decides to make Kiyo his "bride"-- his only source of blood! Kazuko Furumiya's sexy vampire comedy is filled with an adorable cast of characters that you'll love to bits and pieces--and a whopper of an ending in the next volume!

"Bloody Kiss" Volume 2

Kazuko Furumiya


Pub Date:
November 3, 2009

Synopsis: Much to Kiyo's dismay, Kuroboshi and Alshu begin attending her school, and of course, Kuroboshi is a hit with all the young female students. Kiyo's not the only one annoyed with the new arrival, though. Another student, Fujiwara, doesn't like sharing the spotlight and challenges Kiyo to a tennis match. If Kiyo loses...Kuroboshi has to leave! Problem solved, right? But when Kiyo realizes her feelings for Kuroboshi might be stronger than she first thought, she becomes determined to win the match!

"Bloody Kiss" Volumes 1-2 are a great start to a series. I thought it was really neat how Kiyo discovers two vampires hiding out in her grandmother's rundown house. It is kind of cute thinking of vampires who are homeless. Even though Kuroboshi turns Kiyo into his bride without her consent, I couldn't help but adore him anyway. I also found Alshu to be a funny character and a great addition to the book. Even though the book was pretty wacky, I really enjoyed the tug of war relationship between Kiyo and Kuroboshi. I also really enjoyed the guys attempts at blending in at Kiyo's school. Of course it didn't really work too well because they are alluring vampires, but it was a fun idea to see play out. The second book introduces Mizukami, a childhood friend of Kiyo, that does not approve of associations with Kuroboshi and Alshu. I really enjoyed his character and wished that we got to read more about him.

Overall I found this series to be really cute and enjoyable. I read both books in a day and wished there were more. I think this would be a good series to start off reading if you were interested in getting into manga and like paranormal romance. It is also nice because there are only two books in the series, so you don't have worry about investing the time into 20+ volumes. I don't know about other people, but I need to switch around the books I read so I don't get too bored. Check out a preview of "Bloody Kiss" here at Tokyopop.


  1. I never read any books like this, they look like fun! Thanks for the reviews.

  2. They really are a lot of fun! :)