March 22, 2011

Sherry Shahan On "Purple Daze" with Pictures!

Happy Release Day "Purple Daze"!  Sherry Shahan was nice enough to share about her inspiration for the book and sent me some pictures to post.  
Purple Daze
"While cleaning out a closet I unearthed a shoe box jammed with letters from a friend who was a Marine in Vietnam. He was one of my girlfriend’s (Nancy in the novel) boyfriends. I became his most faithful pen pal, long after Nancy broke up with him. I had kept his letters more than 40 years. Rereading them is what inspired Purple Daze, originally called Love, Phil, which was how he signed them."
"Then I began playing around with viewpoints of other kids I'd known in high school. I wanted to be inside the heads of each character to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings, not just describe them from the outside looking in. I could have accomplished this with an omniscient viewpoint -- but bouncing in and out of some many minds could be confusing. Instead I chose journal entries, letters, free verse and traditional poetry. Verse mirrors the pulse of adolescent life. To me, condensed metaphoric language on a single page is a good reflection of their tightly-packed world."
Shahan was nice enough to send me some pictures to share with all of you.  I thought these were so cool and I am so glad she sent them!
Here is Sherry in High School
2- The man that inspired Mickey.
3- The inspiration for Phil with his machine gun.

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