April 24, 2012

by  Jessica Anthony
My Rating:
Pub. Date: Feb 2, 2012
Pages: 272
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Source: Library
Edition: Paperback
Short and Sweet Synopsis:  Newspaper clippings, photographs, drawings, IMs, postcards, wine bottle labels, and more tell the story of two teenagers in love.  One is struggling with insanity and a music career, the other is failing to meet the expectations of assimilating into a school in America.

"Chopsticks" was entertaining, but I'm left feeling a little underwhelmed.  While I did enjoy the potpourri of visuals used to tell this love story, I really wish I could have gotten into the characters heads more.  I have been frustrated with authors adding in fluff recently in order to meet the 400 page minimum that seems to be required to get books published; however, I really wanted more from "Chopsticks".  The story and characters had a lot to offer and I just felt like the format didn't satisfy me as a reader.  I wish it maybe had a few longer letters... maybe a diary entry to just beef up the characters a bit.

"Chopsticks" is a very quick and easy read.  The cover, format, and visuals in the book will attract many readers.  I did enjoy looking at this book and I would have a hard time believing anyone would feel like it was a waste of time.  Readers who would like to stay in Jessica Anthony's creative space longer may take some extra time to analyze and think about what they are looking/ reading.  This would be a good book to pick up if you have sometime to kill or are just hanging out in the library (although I am obviously bias).  

Overall, it was good.  Nothing to write home about, but I'm happy I read it.  Interesting visuals and an interesting plot.  I just want MORE!  

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