May 29, 2012

Review of "Shadow and Bone"

"Shadow and Bone"
by Leigh Bardugo
My Rating:
Pub. Date: June 05, 2012
Pages: 368
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Source: Free from Publisher
Edition: ARC
Short and Sweet Synopsis: The only thing that Alina likes about her life is the time spent with her best friend, but all this changes when their regiment is attacked.  Alina discovers a hidden power that not only save them, but may also be the key to saving her country.

I just finished "Shadow and Bone" and I can't believe how wonderful it was!  If the rest of the books in this trilogy were out, I would be devouring them right now!  I can't think of anything I didn't like about this book.  The characters, plot, setting, pace, writing, and cover are all AWESOME!  There was a bit of romance, but it didn't overtake the story. 

I loved all the characters both good and bad.  I loved how the characters developed throughout "Shadow and Bone".  No one was 100% good, they were just handling situations the best they could as things came at them.  There were definitely evil characters in the book and they earned it.  There were also some "villains" that I definitely felt for by the end of the book.

Usually I don't talk about setting, but how can you not love a book where part of the land is filled in completely darkness?!  That is so terrifying!  Plus, there are evil monsters that will massacre anything that enter these dark lands.  There is also a beautiful palace filled with dark secrets.  There is an interesting play between good vs. evil and beauty vs. ugliness.  Just like nothing is 100% good or evil, nothing is 100% beautiful or ugly.  Some things that may be seen as ugly had redeeming qualities where some things beautiful also had terrible qualities.  Evil sometimes hides in beauty just like good can be found in ugliness.  I'm not going to explain anymore because I will totally give something away.

Whether you are looking for a great fantasy book or just want to read an amazing book,  "Shadow and Bone" will satisfy both cravings.  It is truly a wonderful book that is worth buying in Hardcover.  I am definitely going to be recommending this book to everyone who reads teen books.  It just blew my mind!  It has been hours since I finished the book and I am still acting like a fangirl.  I not only have a crush on a couple of the characters, but the book as well!


  1. So glad you loved it! I keep hearing great things about this one, so I can't wait until it's released. =D

  2. I have been telling everyone I know to read it, because it was just that awesome. :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.