January 27, 2013

2012 Wrap

It’s that time of the year again; time to recollect on all the junk you've eaten in the past few months, come up with goals for 2013 and reflect on all the amazing books you read last year.  I’ll begin by focusing on my favorite books released in 2012 and then share my top books that were not released in 2012.

My absolute favorite Book released in 2012:

The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
“The Fault in Our Stars” is a must read! It is now my favorite book by acclaimed author John Green.  Hazel and Augustus are characters with depth and personality.  You will be laughing and crying while reading “Fault in Our Stars”, so be sure to have a box of kleenex on hand.  I didn't think the book could get any better and then I listened to the audio book;  the narrator captures Augustus perfectly.

Favorite Realistic Fantasy/ Sci-fi Book (and close second place):
Every Day
David Levithan

"Every Day" is hard to describe, but I think realistic fantasy sums it up. While it has fantastical elements, the main character waking up in a new body every morning, the story still deals with real issues.   The characters are regular people in our world dealing with both normal and paranormal issues. 

"Every Day" has a unique plot and great characters that will keep readers of all ages up all night frantically reading to find out what will happen next!

Favorite Historical Fiction/ Paranormal (and third overall):
The Diviners
Libba Bray

I have a new favorite Libba Bray book and it is "The Diviners"!  Speakeasies, flappers, prohibition, anti-immigration, the KKK, eugenics, spunky female characters, and the Occult!!! What is there not to love about this book?  Some of you may say the length, but as a slow reader and someone who can't stand books that make me feel like I'm watching paint dry, "The Diviners" kept my attention from start to finish.   Tip to commuters: this if a wonderful audio book!

Shadow and Bone
Leigh Barduco

Whether you are looking for a great fantasy book or just an amazing book,
 "Shadow and Bone" will satisfy both cravings.  
The characters, plot, setting, pace, and writing are all awesome!   There is a great play between good and evil; and beauty and ugly that continues throughout the book.

Other Great Books Released in 2012:

     Best Books Read in 2012 that Were NOT released in 2012:

Did I read 100 books like I challenged myself to?  Yup!  I ended the year having read a grand total of 119 books!  If I had been keeping track better I would list them all for you, but I would rather give you useful content, like reviews, instead of typing out the books individually.  I'll try to keep better track this year.

I finally got a new computer AND figure out why it wasn't working!  After months of spotty internet connections and slow website loading, I am back to the world of full keyboards and constant internet connectivity.  :)  


  1. fault in our stars was my favorite as well! and i'll definitely be checking out all the ones you listed that i didn't get to!

    i have a contest going on at my blog right now - you should go check it out!


    1. I loved "Fault in Our Stars" so much it became my goal to get everyone to read it. We got it selected as our "Community Read" and it gave excuse to read it a second time in a year. :)

      Thanks for the information on your contest. I noticed you are reading "Eleanor & Park"! Enjoy, it is a great book!:)