January 19, 2015

Manga or Graphic Novel Mondays: A Bride's Story Volume 5

A Bride's Story Volume 5 by Kaoru Mori
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Pub. Date: September 24th 2013
Pages: 192

Short Sweet Synopsis: The twins are getting married!!! The traditions test the patience of Laila and Leily causing plenty of drama for their mother and their grooms.

A Bride's Story has continued to captivate me since I first started the series. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of the artwork; I just love showing any volume to people who aren't big fans of manga, they are always blown away by the detail Kaoru Mori put into each page. The artwork was enough for me to fall for this series, but I appreciate the detail to the story just as much.

In Volume 5 of A Bride's Story Mori continues with the story of the twins', Laila and Leily; it is now their wedding day! The twins are such great characters because they do such shocking things. They aren't worried about what other people think of them, they are just true to themselves. Sami and Sarm must try to help the girls through the long wedding traditions without getting caught when they break these customs.

One of my favorite aspects of each volume of A Bride's Story is how we see the relationships develop with all of the couples. I love seeing how Laila an Leily interact with Sami and Sarm. Sami and Sarm are pretty reserved so seeing how they handle the rambunctious girls makes me smile.

Another aspect of A Bride's Story is how the reader gets to learn about more of the culture of each village throughout the series. You don't feel overwhelmed with information because of the way Mori adds it in here and there. She also blends the information in smoothly with the storyline, sometimes in surprisingly comical ways, making it feel like part of the story instead of being lectured.

At the end of Volume 5 we do get to see a little more of Amir and Karluk. They are my favorite couple because I am fascinated by how they handle their age difference. I truly appreciate how Mori handles their relationship throughout the series. When I first started the series I worried that it would be creepy, but Mori made them into such a sweet couple you stop worrying about the age difference.

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