January 9, 2015

Reading Goals and Challenges for 2015

One of my favorites parts of starting a new year is coming up with new ways to challenge myself in multiple aspects of my life; however, my favorite types of challenges are reading challenges! Here are a few of the challenges I plan on completing in 2015! I will do individual posts for most of these challenges, but I wanted to give you a taste on my plans! 

One challenge I have done for the last few years is to try to read 100+ books. This is something Goodreads logs for me. Click here to see my profile on Goodreads, I actually update what I'm reading and give star values to all the books I finish, promise!

Graphic Novels are amazing and I would love to read more of them in 2015. I'm joining the Graphic Novels/Manga Challenge with a goal for reaching the Bronze Age level, that is a commitment to read and review 24 graphic novels! I'm trying to find a clever way of making this a bimonthly feature on my blog, so be on the lookout!

At some point this year I will be moving and I have to admit that there are probably some books in my apartment (I would say bookshelf, but I hide some in my nightstand) that could be donated to a non-profit.  My friend made a post about the 2015 TBR Pile Challenge and I knew this was the perfect year to do it!
As part of the challenge I need to post a list of books that I will be reading, but I am a bit behind. Today I just wanted to let you know that I will be participating in the challenge! My book list is in the works, I have some ideas, but all I know for sure is that I will finally read In Darkness, which has been sitting on my shelf for years mocking me. 

If you couldn't tell from all my past reviews, I tend to read fiction books, however, in the last few years I have been trying to move into reading more nonfiction books. Part of this is so that I can better recommend nonfiction books to the teens of my library, but I also like learning new things and have really gotten into personal stories, whether they are biographies or memoirs. I am going to challenge myself to read 16 Nonfiction books in 2015 as part of the Nonfiction Reading Challenge! This may not seem like a big deal, but that number seems almost overwhelming to me. Then again, it wouldn't be a called a challenge if it were easy. 

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