Book Review Policy

Book Review Policy

Goal of My Blog
My goal for creating this blog is to help me become more knowledgeable about teen books and to share my love of books with others. While this blog exists online, I recommend books to teens and adults everyday in my library. My friends all know that I love ebooks, but licensing rights make it difficult for libraries to purchase them, especially if they aren't being published by major publishing companies. I hate to say this but I prefer to only review books that are being released in print. I know there are a ton of great books being published strictly as ebooks, unfortunately I don't feel comfortable recommending books that my patrons can't access. Sorry if that is the case with your book, I'm just not the reviewer for you.

Review Requests

If you would like me to review a book just send me an e-mail with the book information.  If I do accept to read your book for review that doesn't mean I will finish and review it.  I will definitely give the book a chance, but if I can't get through a book, I think it is unfair to post a review.


I am a slow reader, so it does take me anywhere from a couple of days to about a week to finish a book. If we are talking Game of Thrones length then it could even be a month. I will do my best to get to any books up for review in a timely manner, but I do have a "To Be Read" pile that I try to stick to.

What I Like to Read

I read a wide variety of books, but for the purposes of this blog please only send me books marketed for teens or that involve teen characters with teen audience appeal. My favorite teen genres are fantasy, sci-fi, horror, paranormal romance, realistic fiction, and adventure books. I also enjoy romance, thrillers and historical fiction.

My Reviews

I am very honest in my reviews and sometimes I just plain don't like a book, but I always try to simply give my opinion and ultimately let it be known that I am just one person. I will not sugar coat my opinions, but I don't bash authors or books either.


I have a tablet so can read ebooks in most formats, but I do prefer either e-pub or Kindle files. ARCs and finished copies are also welcome.

Contacting Me

Feel free to contact me at abookdork (a) gmail (dot) com with any questions, books you would like reviewed, or anything else I can help you with.